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Camella Capiz is not just a great community because of its well-landscaped open spaces but because the place is safe and well-guarded. The entire perimeter is secured with security fences and residents enjoy a 24/7 security monitoring, from the entrance and exit to the open spaces. Camella deploys well-trained & professional security officers to help secure the area. Incoming and outgoing vehicles are being monitored and logged, so as the visitors coming in by foot. 

Camella Capiz has a provision for shuttle service to allow easy movements of residents to and fro the community. This provision is free for residents to enjoy. 

Camella Homes and Vista Land have provided Camella Capiz with a complete set of facilities and amenities to allow homeowners to enjoy life within the community. 

  • Guard House: This is to ensure the safety of the residents from the entrance and exit points. It has a well-trained security personnel assigned 24/7 taking care of the incoming and outgoing cars, visitors including deliveries and other services.  
  • Clubhouse with Swimming Pool: Camella’s signature Clubhouse is extraordinarily huge and it always projects a powerful statement of extravagance and space. Camella Capiz is generously given the same structure for residents to utilize. It will be a nice venue for private family affairs like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and it is also ideal for meetings and events. The lap pool is an expression of freedom and openness of the community. It is an ideal venue for families to spend their weekends. Adults may utilize the swimming pool any time of the day. 
  • Pavilion: For bigger group events, say Christmas parties and any other events requiring a more formal closed-door venue, the Pavilion is a great place to use. 
  • Ball Courts: From basketball to volleyball games, the ball courts can be utilized by the residents on a first-come-first-served basis. After work, there is no need for men residents to go somewhere to enjoy their favorite sports because this court is more secured and free. The same court can also be converted and utilized as a volleyball court, depending on who comes first. Prior arrangements for tournaments can be made with the management. 
  • Playground for Children: This is an essential part of every community because children will always look for places to play. With the generous provision of Camella Homes for a children’s playground, your children can safely mingle with other kids in the play area without you worrying much about their security and safety. Weekends at Camella Capiz will always be great weekends for families because of the children’s playground. 
  • Gardens and Parks with Gazebos: In-community gardens and mini-parks are few signature marks of Camella Homes across wherever & whenever they build a community. People often need places such as these parks to re-charge emotionally after being drained from a week-long work. Camella understands that need and created these beautiful gardens and parks for residents to spend their time with. With Gazebos on these parks and gardens, families can also spend weekend picnics safely and freely.  
  • Bike Trails: Many people still enjoy biking as a form of exercise. With the availability of bike trails within the community, enthusiasts and bikers would surely love to spend their exercises here. 
  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming pool
  • Basketball court
  • Shuttle service
  • Children's playground
  • Entrance gate with 24-hour security
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